Sunday, November 23, 2014

Adley is 8 months old!

Dear Adley,

Girl you are on the MOVE this month! You are so much fun these days! I cannot believe how active you are! Your energy and happiness is contagious and you are a ball of sweetness and sass! This has been a FUN month!

Here is what you’ve been up to…


-CRAWLING! Or should I say… standing up? starting to cruise? ready to walk? How about ALL OF THE ABOVE!?!?

-You are using your hands so much and you can grab everything and pull on everything

-I’m so worried about your little body because you fall all over the place!

-You’re a little daredevil and cautious all at the same time! One minute you’re falling backward from standing the next minute you’re slowing steadying yourself to try and move from one piece of furniture to the next.


-EATING! You love all the foods! You are downing foods like it’s your job. Except when you had that crummy ear infection!

-You love to feed yourself. You’re all about some ritz crackers, graham crackers, Gerber graduate snacks, and bananas!

-You’re still nursing great! I can tell you’re taking less milk which is good, but a little sad!

-You are not a fan of the car seat. We moved you to a rear facing convertible but you still hate it! Thank goodness for DVD players and big sister to keep you company in the back!


-You’ve developed quite the personality!

-You love being entertained!

-Your big sis is your favorite act!

-We all love making you giggle

-And that laugh? Can I bottle up your laugh and wear it?!? I need to record it!


-You are also very vocal about your dislikes. If I walk by you without picking you up when you wanted to be picked up, I never hear the end of it! Or if I take something from you! Oh snap!

-You’re a little sleep fighter! And you’re not the best sleeper. You end up in our bed almost every night

-You LOVE to talk! It sounds like you can say Hi, Da-Da, and Ma-Ma. You also make a J/G type sound. It’s so cute!

-You love to dance! If we sing or play music you move to the beat. I love watching you sit on the floor and play because it looks like you’re dancing and bouncing.

-You are just so happy!


- My guess is you’re around 20 pounds. You were 19 pound two weeks ago at the doctors.

-You are so tall! You’re wearing 12-18 months, but definitely 18 months pants! Long legs!

-You’re in a size 4 diaper and I tried some shoes on you and they were size 4. Ha!

-You have your bottom 2 front teeth and I feel like more are coming



-You are so stylish these days! I love playing with you hair!

-You HATE diaper changes but you love splashing in the bath!

-I love picking you up at the end of the day because you are so excited to see me. Or it might be Kendall you’re excited about!


I am absolutely loving this stage of your sweet life Miss Adley! I love getting to know and experience your personality every day. Daddy, Kendall, and I just love you to pieces! We love being around you and making you giggle. It’s been a fun month of firsts and we can’t wait to see what you have in store for us!

I love you so BIG!



For the life of me I am trying to make my girls look alike, but they have such completely different looks!



  1. Happy 8 months, pretty girl! I love reading these updates, it's like reading about Tate at the same time! :)

  2. You are on a roll! Came home for lunch and spent it reading all your happenings! Thanks for sharing. Those little girls are just adorable!!!!