Sunday, November 23, 2014

Now we are caught up…

If I could describe K’s school pictures in one word it would be BEAUTY! Seriously? I can’t believe this sweet girl is mine!

IMG_0991 IMG_0992 

They celebrated Mickey Mouse’s birthday at school. K wore her light up Minnie ears we got from Disney World. IMG_0994

We take selfies every morning. I don’t know why, but lately I am all about taking their pictures every day. I get sad if I forget in the mornings. I think it is because they are growing so fast. Plus I hear all these stories about people losing loved ones and I just can’t deal. I feel like I have borrowed time and I just want to cherish all the moments.

Plus I have the mom guilt. I love my mornings with these little ladies so much and I hate leaving them. It makes it better knowing they are in such great care.

So back to my point, I usually drop Adley off in pjs, but this particular day she was dressed up to and I forgot to take a picture. I texted my mom to send me a pic. The expression on her face made me chuckle. She’s like, “Here, mom!”. Ha!


I love, love, love this pic of Adley and my brother. Kendall and David are such good buddies and I love seeing Adley love him too!


I wish my clothes were as cute as hers!


If Adley eats her prunes, my mom gives her a banana chunk. She LOVES IT!


On this particular weekend morning, K was cleaning her room. AKA transporting all the toys to the other side of the house to dump them in the floor of the toy room.

I just love this. Adley has messy hair and is playing on the floor. K is wearing a dance outfit and butterfly wings. Ha!


You know it’s the holidays when these are in my house…


Outtakes from one of many forced Christmas photo sessions. Love these faces!


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  1. Seeing 'every day' pictures of your girls makes me hate even more that we don't live by each other so we can hang out and I can know your kids. they are treasures!