Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Oh SEW Pretty

When I signed up with etsy I created a store. I wasn't really sure what I would do with it then, but I knew it would revolve around sewing and kids stuff. Recently, I've decided (because I have so much free time, lol) to take a stab at it. My stuff is pretty cute and I like to make money. Worse case, no one buys my stuff and my girls will have lots of things.


Visit my shop here. There are 2 items listed. Ha!

As my inventory grows, I might reach out to some of you to host a giveaway for me! Let me know your thoughts!


  1. I love the Minnie Mouse socks!!!! The leggings are really cute but I know Emily wouldn't tolerate them.

  2. These are super cute, I'll have to check them out!!

  3. Sheesh, you silly girl! When do you sleep? :) Love this! Going to check out your shop!!! And of course I'd host a giveaway for you if ever you want me to.

  4. I've been considering doing the same with my husband's photography. I hope it works out well for you!