Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Adley is 9 months old!

Miss Adley,

You’ve grown another month! It’s been a fun month, indeed! My weekly baby updates say you are starting to understand that you are an individual with your own likes, dislikes, preferences, and all kinds of other stuff. I couldn’t agree more! This month you…


- ON the move! You are a crawling champ! I probably shouldn’t admit this, but sometimes I have to go looking for you in the house because I don’t know where you’ve crawled so quickly! Ha!

- big pink puffy heart your big sister. Your face just lights up when you see or hear her and you love to crawl up to her.

- LOVE giving hugs and kisses. It is the sweetest thing! You lean your head on our faces or arms and say, “awww”. Then you open your slobbery mouth wide and go straight in for a kiss. Baby kisses and hugs might get me pregnant with your little sibling. Ha! I love this age!



- you’ve developed quite the attitude when you don’t like something and also the back arch. The back arch is insane. You don’t want to get changed. Back arch. You don’t want your face wiped. Back arch. You don’t want to get in your car seat. Back arch.

- you are ALL smiles ALL the time! You are genuinely a happy baby with a happy heart. You smile at strangers and you love your world.

- You are great at taking naps. You take 2-3 a day. We are lucky if they last more than 45 minutes, but you take them. You cry it out for a few minutes and then you go to sleep! Sleeping at night? Not a big fan! Ha!

- You have two teeth. I think more teeth are coming because you are drooling a lot these days.

- You LOVE table food. I only give you baby food like once or twice a day. You’re more of a self feeder these days.

-You love ritz crackers, cheezits, yogurt puffs, gerber graduate snacks, green beans, mashed potatoes, squash, etc

- Same with the milk. You’re still nursing 4-5x a day, but it’s hard to keep you focused. You’re distracted easily. I have been offering the sippy cup more and more and you’re getting familiar with it.

- You were 19 pounds and 4.5 oz at your 9 month checkup. And also 31 inches long! You’re our tall girl! No wonder you’re in 18 month clothing! Size 4 diaper and a size 3/4 shoe. You have worn shoes once, who am I kidding? Ha!


- You LOVE to play! It’s so fun watching you discover toys and pick favorites. Favorite being my keys, phone, and our remote. Ha! And you hair brush and comb as seen in these pictures.

- You love Kendall’s toys. I have to watch you though, because you like to try and taste everything!

- You enjoy watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and videos on my phone. It’s so cute!

- You’re a mad woman in your walker. You are so fast and you can get around anywhere! I took you to school yesterday with daddy, and we brought your walker with us and you kept walking out of my classroom! Ha!

- You have to get ear tubes next month. I was hoping you wouldn’t have to, but I know they will keep you from having all these ear infections. No pain for my baby girl!


-You get so many compliments on your hair. :) You have two favorite styles. Water spout ponytail and pigtails. I think you prefer headbands or bows. Yeah right, you try to pull anything and everything out of that hair!

-You can make all kinds of sounds and words. Ma-ma, Da-da, Na-na, Yay-yay.

-You love to clap and dance. I seriously love watching you when music is playing. You start bouncing up and down with the biggest smile on your face.

- You get up on your knees and fuss when you want to be picked up. You are so close to standing! I keep working with you, but you’re a little unsteady. I like that you’re careful!

-You are a total momma’s girl! You love your daddy too. You love being near me and being held. You like to sleep next to daddy or kick him in the back when you’re in the middle of our bed. Ha!

-You celebrated your First Christmas and it was wonderful! You didn’t get the whole opening presents bit this year, but I’m sure you’ll nail it down by your first birthday.


Girlfriend, I just love you so much and can’t get enough of you these days. Your smile is contagious and you’re fun to watch and be around. Kendall is so protective of you these days and is always thinking of ways to help you. She told me she got some toys out for you last night but she would pick them up. So sweet! Daddy is smitten too, you already know how to work him over! ;)

I love watching you learn and discover new things. It amazes me how quick you are growing. I wish time would slow down sometimes. I cannot believe in 3 months you will be 1. But then, some days you look and act like a one year old so much I can believe it. I look forward to another fun month of cuddling and playing!
I love you so BIG!


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