Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas Morning

Christmas was awesome this year! Like, my favorite thus far! I think it’s because 1) it was Adley’s first Christmas and our first Christmas with 2 kiddos, and 2) Kendall is at an AWESOME age right now for this stuff!

I feel like we seriously lived up all of the Christmas season hype. We watched all kinds of holiday movies and had so many activites to go to. Plus, most importantly, I think this is the first year Kendall really understood the real Christmas story. We talked about Jesus’ birthday often and the story of His birth. And we are still singing her Christmas program songs!

Santa did good this year too!


He scaled back a little compared to last year with the trampoline. Ha!


Little sis made out pretty good too!


They were so funny that morning. Kendall does this whole shy bit, more of a shock that it really all went down.


She was talking in a baby voice and kind of overwhelmed and sleepy for a few minutes. Haha


Adley crawled right over to her vanity and grabbed the bracelet like she’s done Christmas morning before. Ha!


They were so fun! Kendall telling us everything Santa brought her and helping Adley open gifts.


Santa forgot to fill Wilson’s stocking and I mislabeled one of the girls gifts from mom and dad. Oops. DSC_0199

In true little sister fashion, Adley wanted to see all of Kendall’s gifts up close.


Our beautiful Elsa.


My cover was almost blown when she asked about an Anna dress. You see, she requested both in her letter to Santa, but Santa already knew that Grandma Cathy had purchased her an Anna dress. Santa will know better next time!

My parents and my grandparents came over to see the girls gifts after breakfast. Did I mention my husband cooks all the time now for us? He is awesome!


I love these pictures!


This makes me so happy! My grandma just started fighting her second battle with ovarian cancer. I know she is tough, but I have been sending extra prayers up for this one!


My parents and their grandbabies


It was a great Christmas morning!

We celebrated with Chris’s extended family that day for lunch and then my parents that evening. Then Friday we celebrated with his parents. Then Saturday with my extended family. We had 3 days full of presents and fellowship and we were wiped out! Kendall said they got way too many presents and they need to take some back! Ha!


  1. I love the box full of Disney Princesses! And how funny Miss A just dove right in like an old pro! Great times!

  2. I agree that this age is the best...thus far. We had so much for Landon this year. I dont know how it can get any better.

  3. I'm so glad you had a great Christmas! I agree, this Christmas was the best ever!