Saturday, December 27, 2014

Dec 23 & 24

December 23 was a fun day at home with my girls. Chris was out doing some fundraising stuff all day which comes in handy later. Ha!

Adley had her 9 month well checkup at 2, so we spent the day hanging around the house until it was time to leave. Adley is a big fan of her walker lately, and she gets around SO FAST! I caught her hanging by the back door so I opened the blinds up for her so she could look outside.


Big sis wanted in on the action too. She is all about being photographed these days!


HAPPY girl!


My little fashion model!


So, funny story. I arrived to the doctors office really early and didn’t want to wait in the germ infested waiting room with my healthy girls. I decided to take them into this little kids consignment store right down the road. I found a new Christmas dress, pjs, and pair of boots for Kendall. And some tights and dress shoes for Adley. My total came to $18. Score! Why don’t I shop consignment more often? Then I go to pay.

Where is my wallet?

It’s on the kitchen counter, dummy!

I asked the lady if she would hold my items and how long they were open. On the way to the doctor I called Chris, who wasn’t too far away, and he came and brought me some cash! Happy ending for this forgetful mommy!



Christmas Eve was awesome! On a sad note, our Christmas Eve dinner/festivities were cancelled. My parents were under the weather and supposed to host, so instead of spreading sickness, we rescheduled.

I had a hair appointment and did a little last minute shopping. Chris did the same later. And we just relaxed and hung out at home the rest of the day. It was wonderful!

Here were my girls that night getting excited about Santa!

 DSC_0169  DSC_0175  

I love them SO BIG!


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  1. Your wallet story is funny -- too often lately as I'm walking into a store I double check that I have mine b/c I am so worried I have forgotten it. It's never happened, it's always in my purse, but for some reason I have that fear lately!

    Bummer about having to cancel the fun on Christmas Eve!

    I have never had a walker for the boys but have definitely wished I had one this time around - Tate is a go-er, would be nice to have him going but corralled in that thing! He got a new walk behind toy for Xmas from Andy's folks so now he has two to choose from, and he loves exploring behind those! Yesterday he walked the one down the hall a little ways then realized it was dark so abandoned it and came crawling back out as fast as he could. :)

    What are you plans for the next week off? Anything fun planned for New Years?