Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Hey 2015!

I'm still here. I haven't had time to blog these days. Nor put the Christmas decorations up. I'm serious. They are sitting in our dining room area. I will have to take a picture. The year Shelli did not put the Christmas decorations up on December 26th needs to be documented.

Christmas break was wonderful. I will blog about everything soon. We had a fun week after Christmas spending gift cards and relaxing as a family. I want to write about all these moments before they leave my memory!

Adley is sick. She is getting ear tubes on the 27th. I will blog more about that too. So ready for her to get some relief!

Kendall did great getting back into a routine with school. She loves her world so much. She is thriving!

Chris started his masters online through Clemson!

I've been super busy (not taking care of the Christmas decorations) with my family and school.
School is a mess. I wish it were warm enough to take my kids outside everyday because they have cabin fever. I don't blame them!

I will catch up soon!


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  1. My posts have been few and far between, too! I hope Adley is feeling better!