Friday, January 23, 2015

The one with binge watching Friends and Family Feud

I never realized how great of a show Friends is… until it became available on Netflix. Any chance I get, where I am alone and want to be unproductive, I catch an episode or two. Are you watching?

I never watched the show when it was on until the end because it ran while I was middle and high school and I was more of a Dawson’s Creek gal. I’ve seen a lot of episodes because they are always playing in syndication, but there are so many they do not show.

I also have realized Monica annoys the crap out of me. She looks older than she plays and her character is annoying. Of course, I’m a Ross/Rachel fan. And I never realized how funny Chandler and Phoebe’s characters were… ha! Yes, I am writing a post about a TV show at 11:15 pm on a Friday night. Anyone else binge watching Friends?

On a side note, ever heard of the Family Feud? I spell feud like fued every time I write it and correct myself immediately. Anyway, they announced that auditions were being held in Louisville (where I live) and my cousins and I jumped on the opportunity. We got together last Sunday and made a video.


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  1. I am currently binge watching Gilmore Girls and I'm in love! I've not felt great this week so have done a lot of laying on the couch watching it. Have knocked out 2 seasons already. I need to get a life, ha! Good luck on the feud!!!