Sunday, February 1, 2015

Adley is 10 months!


WOW! I can’t believe in 2 months you will be one! Slow down, sweet girl! However fast you may be growing, it has been another fun and eventful month for you! You celebrated your first Christmas and New Years! We were able to spend Christmas break together at home! And we just had a lot of fun!


This month you are…

very hard to get pictures of!

still crawling everywhere, but you’re making attempts to take a few steps

loving toys! It is so funny when you latch on to a toy for a few minutes or hours

and you get really MAD if something is taken away from you

Exhibit A: The camera cap


All better


We are seeing so much more personality this month! It’s really fun!

You recognize people and show your uncertainty towards others.

You LOVE your sister. When I come pick you up every day, you want to see her first!

Most days you are very talkative and then you will have these cute little episodes where you are just observing and smiling your world.


You haven’t been eating a lot this month. I think it’s because of the ear infections. Hopefully, now with your tubes, your appetite will be back.

You’re over cheerios and graham crackers. We made the mistake of giving you cheese puffs because you love those things.

You still eat a lot of baby food and drink breast milk. I can tell you are over nursing during the day. But if I dare not nurse you at night you won’t stop crying! It’s bittersweet for me knowing this chapter will close, but I am so happy to see you independent! Plus, you ain’t got time to be a baby! Ha!


You’re wearing size 12-24 months, depending on the brand. You are most definitely in 18-24 pants because you are so tall!

You’re a little over 20 pounds.

I have no clue what size shoe you wear, but you are still in a size 4 diaper.


You’ve discovered steps at Grandmas. And cabinets. And how to pull all the tissues from a box. Yikes!

You love to dance and shake things that make music.

You love to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

You love playing in your sister room and you always crawl to find her and see what she is into.

Some mornings I let you play in your crib until I come get you and you are so happy and content. :) I love that about you!

I can’t take a picture with a flash of you to save my life!


We switched rooms this month! You have your own room now. More details to come!

You love your daddy! When he comes home from work, you start saying da-da until her picks you up!

And I just had to get a picture of your hair these days! It’s finally starting to grow all over and it looks like a cute little bob in the back! Ha!


I love you so much baby girl! I treasure you each and every day because I know how fast you are growing. It is fun seeing you change and grow each day. I am excited to celebrate you and your next milestone. I love you SO BIG!

- Mommy


  1. Aw, she's such a cutie!!! So fun reading her updates!

  2. How is that possible?!? She's such a cutie.

  3. This age is my favorite. I think this is when you really start to see the person they are becoming. Their personalities start to stand out. She is so cute! I hope her tubes help!!!