Sunday, February 22, 2015

Adley is 11 months old!


Everyone tells you the second baby grows up faster. I believe them! Not only have you grown up faster, but you are unstoppable. When you are set on something you go after it! This month we have seen a lot more of your strong willed personality. We’ve also seen your determination. And your complete adoration to those you love!


This month…

- You are WALKING!!!!!!!

- You are FINALLY sleeping longer stretches at night. It only took almost a year, but it is appreciated!

-Speaking of sleep, you fall asleep great in your crib. You toss and turn and like to wake up surrounded by toys.

- You are in your own room now and you love it! You like to go in there and play with your toys. You always act so excited when you see your toys.


-Diaper changes are hilarious. In my desperate attempts to keep you on your back while I change you, I sing you silly songs or let you hold something close like a tube of Desitin or your hairbrush. It works for a few seconds.

- I want to always remember how fussy you get when we try to change your diaper. Getting your pants back on is ridiculous. Sometimes we just keep them off.


- A few weeks ago you got really upset in your highchair because your sleeves were too long and literally worked your arm out of your shirt. I took off your shirt for you and you gave us the biggest grin and started patting your chest. You were free! Ha!

- You love, love, love playing with Kendall! You all have the sweetest relationship already!


- You have the funniest fake cry! In the mornings when you are ready to get out of your crib you fake cry or do your mad cry! When I get in there and pick you up you always smile and sometimes give a sigh of relief.

-You also have the funniest grunt sounds you make. Sometimes we hear it when you’re mad or something is taken away from you, but it usually comes out in your laugh.


-I need to record your laugh more this month! You have the biggest belly laugh. You laugh with every part of your body and have the most beautiful smile!

- You got ear tubes this month and I feel like your a changed baby! I can tell a difference in your speech and hearing. You just *feel* better too!

- You are such a cuddle baby! We’ve been home together for 9 days thanks to the snow and it’s been wonderful!

-You have a way of telling us you love us. You say, “Awww” and lean your head to hug us. Sometimes you put your cheek right up next to mine. And you also give the best kisses. You open your mouth real big and just come at us! Ha!


-You are saying a lot of words/sounds. Ma-ma, da-da, ga-ga, bye-bye, hi, and a whole bunch of gibberish!

-You are an eater! Baby food no more! You are chomping on anything you can get your hands on!

-Your favorite foods are bananas, green beans, sweet potatoes, watermelon, chicken, ground turkey, spaghetti, cheese puffs, etc.


- You are still drinking breast milk, but I think we will test out regular milk in a few weeks as we start to transition! I will probably nurse you at night for a little while after you are one until you are completely weaned. I am so proud we made it this far!

- You are wearing size 18-24 months. I think a few 12 month outfits still fit, but you are just so tall! I am kind of clueless about spring/summer clothes. I have been buying 24 months/2T.

-You wear a size 4 diaper and size 4 shoes. Who am I kidding? You don’t wear shoes!


-Your not really into things on your head/in your hair. You have a lot of hair on top so I style your hair in a single or double ponytail. :)

-You have two pearly white teeth and I think there might be another one coming in soon!

-You are fascinated with my keys and cell phone. You flip out when you see my keys. You also LOVE to dig through your diaper bag. You just *know* it’s your stuff!


Some days I look at you and think there is no way you almost be one. You’re my baby! Then I see how much you are learning and growing and I cannot wait to see you at the next stage! I can never put into words how full you have made my heart! I love you so much!

Love Mommy

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  1. Diaper changes are very exciting at our house, too!

    BTW -- Tate's sitting on my lap while I'm reading this and he's cooing at Adley! :)