Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Iphone Dump

Adley tried spaghetti! She didn’t like it at all. ;)


#tht Chris and I before we were married in the home I had just bought! Fun fact: We did not live together before marriage. Chris moved in after we bought the house and he was forbidden to use our wedding shower gifts.  IMG_1993

Kendall has been loving having her nails painted and me braiding her wet hair. She has the prettiest waves the next morning!

 IMG_1999 IMG_2002

Love our mornings together! I always put cereal or whatever breakfast Kendall had in a ziplock “to-go”. Well Adley thinks it’s the coolest thing ever if I get her a bag of cereal too. In fact, she will hold on to it for a few hours after I drop her off!


I should not admit this, but I’m going to. We live directly across the street from my parents property. In the mornings, I don’t buckle Adley in all the way because it’s so cold and my dad always comes right out to get her. Well, not anymore. Girlfriend wiggle out of the parital buckle and stood up on the way across the street. I was literally holding her with my right hand and driving with the left. Scary!


Playing together at Grandma’s :)


A few weekends ago when I was at the audition, Chris took the girls out to Skyline Chili. So sweet! He sent me these pictures. I about died when I saw Adley’s hair and he always dressed Kendall in Kentucky gear. Smh

IMG_2071 IMG_2072

The next day, I took Kendall to get a hair trim. She amazes me how grown up she is about these things. She climbed right up and was so polite.


Later, we went to a birthday party for one of her friends at school and Kendall was so comfortable. She sat up there with the other kids and sang Happy Birthday. They also had a enormous jump-jump with a slide. So fun! IMG_2133

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