Wednesday, February 18, 2015

K’s New Room

Adley and Kendall have been sharing a room since we moved Adley to her crib around 4/5 months old. I wanted both girls close by, and Kendall really enjoyed the company for a little while. I could tell she needed some space, but the last thing I wanted to do was get her upset so I was really happy when Kendall brought it up. She straight up told me one night, “Can I move my bed in the toy room?”

You see, it’s been like musical chairs. Kendall has always had the green room and the yellow room was the toy room. Then Adley was in the works, so the yellow room became the nursery. But who am I kidding? My babies don’t sleep in nurseries! Once Adley graduated from the rock and play and pack and play, she joined big sis in her room.

Chris and I responded positively and talked to her more about it. She had really thought this thing through. Adley would stay in her room (the baby room) and we would move her bed and her stuff and paint the walls, etc.

That weekend we decided to test it out before we made the big move. We moved her mattress to see how she liked sleeping in there.


She loved it! She even napped in there with daddy that Sunday!


I spent most of the weekend dividing toys, moving closets, and purging things. We told Kendall we would paint and redecorate once it got warmer. Hello, Spring Break project!

However, I did snag the perfect bedding for our princess via

IMG_2011 IMG_2013

I need to take the “A” down because it’s getting on her nerves. I can’t wait to decorate this big girl room with her!

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