Monday, February 16, 2015

Little Moments

I feel like we are so busy these days. So busy, yet we rarely leave the house for places other than school, work, or dance. When we are home, I try to make the best of it! I try to take pictures of my girls every day so I can remember these sweet little moments.

I love my mornings with the girls. Sure, it can be stressful. Especially when they are awake and need something and I am trying to flat iron my hair. But, they are so happy in the morning and I get to be the start of their day. And most importantly, it’s the best part of my morning!

If Adley is awake, I will plop her in her walker or high chair with some fruit loops so I can finish getting ready. Kendall rarely wakes up on her own. I usually have to bribe that one out of bed! Ha!

I like to take pictures of them together before we leave. :)

 IMG_1868 IMG_1874

I have a habit of taking pictures of Kendall when I drop her off at school. She’s growing up so fast and is at this really fun age and I just want to capture her personality. And her outfits… girlfriend has style!

IMG_1826 IMG_1827IMG_1896 IMG_1946  

We got out to eat once or twice a week as a family. Usually it’s Friday nights. Chris and I never get date nights, but we love taking our girls out. They are always so well behaved and they love to eat.

IMG_1901 IMG_1902 IMG_1906 IMG_1907

We have so much fun around the house too. I brought the kitchen out into the living room one day and they thought it was the coolest thing. I love that they enjoy playing together.


I love capturing funny (or scary!) moments too. Kendall in her ballet gear climbing on furniture and Adley climbing on the dishwasher. Of course I took a picture before I picked her up!


And even though I don’t feel like having my picture taken often, especially after a long day at work, I want to have many pictures of myself with my girls. I hope they don’t see the dark circles from lack of sleep (thanks, Adley!) but see the pure joy they bring to my life!

IMG_1944  IMG_1959


  1. Look at those cuties! Liam is always happiest in the morning. I am so not a morning person, so I don't get it. Ha!

  2. Reading your posts always make me mourn having a daughter. Yours are so sweet and cute! Fun moments!