Sunday, February 22, 2015


I haven’t worked in 9 days! 9 DAYS!!!!

We got some snow last weekend and then we had some frigid temps, so school was cancelled all week. And it was amazing! We did not leave the house for 5 days and it was glorious.

Here is a glimpse of what we did…

Days 1 and 2 were a bunch of fun. The snow is pretty and we have enough m&ms to last a few days so we love the snow.

 IMG_2253 IMG_2255

IMG_2257 IMG_2258

  IMG_2265  IMG_2268 IMG_2271 IMG_2278

Then it gets old and we get a little stir crazy. We visit across the street and do some home staging. Ha!

I even made Kendall practice writing because she was watching too much TV and missing school all week.

IMG_2288 IMG_2297 IMG_2299 IMG_2303 IMG_2304 IMG_2308
And Friday we HAD to get out of the house! So we did. And we bought a treadmill. Thank you tax refund!IMG_2317  IMG_2326

And this weekend has been fun too!

IMG_2333 IMG_2334

The girls and I hit up SAMS club solo today and they were so good!

Like our Mommy & Me Frozen scarves? My sister makes them. Message me if you’re interested!

IMG_2339 IMG_2340

Tomorrow I am prepared to go back to work. I really am over the snow days. I wouldn’t hate having more family time though, they are pretty fabulous!


And to justify being a teacher and getting snow days, I did some teacher work too. Lesson planning, report carding, and some optimistic pinteresting… Ha!


  1. Adley is your mini-me, she looks more and more like you!

    Looks like a fun time, can't believe school was cancelled 9 days in a row, tho! Your staging made me remember I need to take down the Valentine decorations and get my Easter stuff out!