Wednesday, February 18, 2015

That time we auditioned for Family Feud…

So remember this post? The one where I showed the video my cousins and I submitted to get an audition for Family Feud?

Well we got one. And we went. And it was so much fun!

Here so some pictures and explanations from our fun day!

My brother and I carpooled to meet the rest of the gang. We all decided on a red/grey/black color combo. Red is a power color and we wanted to look nice!

IMG_2062 IMG_2063

We went to breakfast a few blocks from the convention center. It was fun spending time with my cousins and getting my dose of bacon for the day!


During the audition, you play a few mock rounds with another auditioning family. While you wait, you are the audience.

Our turn!


They video tape you. You have to speak really loud and be unforgettable.


Our first question was to name things people save money for. IMG_2078

The other team answered first, so we huddled.


During the huddle we could not hear the other teams answers, so while we were yelling them at Rebecca we kept saying things they had already said. Ha!




A house!


I answered the next buzzer question which ended up being ours to play. Excluding books, what are things you buy in a bookstore? I answered bookmarks. We went almost two rounds between the 5 of us of giving answers to that one, I thought it we did well!


If we are selected for the family talent pool, we will get a post card in a few weeks. If not, we won’t hear a thing! I really want to get on there. Not for the money. I just love my cousins and it would be a really cool experience!


  1. I hope you get in so I can watch you on TV!!!

  2. I love Family Feud!!!! It would be aweome to see you on TV!