Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Valentine’s Day 2015

Valentine’s Day is my second favorite holiday. I just love it! It’s not even about the romance part. Because I am a firm believer you should do that all year. It’s the hearts and fun and the sweetness of celebrating it with littles.

Kendall’s class had to decorate Valentine’s boxes for her school party. I can remember doing this as a kid and it’s even more fun watching your kids relive things you did.

IMG_2136 IMG_2144

I bought some sparkly stickers and wrapped a shoe box in tissue paper for her. Then she had full creative reign. I thought it turned out awesome!

My mom took this picture at her house when I was dropping Adley off on Feb 13. I love it! Only missing Chris!


Let me tell you, school parties are the worst as a teacher. So much candy. Kids are bouncing off the walls. Yikes!

Later than evening, I went with Tara and Rebecca to see Christian Grey. xoxo It was so nice having a girls night. We ate at the Cheesecake Factory before the movie and it was so nice just being Shelli for a few hours.


And Chris took our little beauties out for Orange Leaf.


Speaking of romance… I shared an article on fb and tagged Chris’s name in it about what girls really want for Valentine’s day. And he remembered!

My honey brought me home flowers and a box of goodness!


No jewelry needed. I can just picture him assembling this in his car before he came in the house. I love this man!

We got some sweet gifts for the girls. We got them both a little teddy bear, balloon, and spring outfits. I got Adley some headbands. Kendall got some headbands, nail polish, and Frozen chocolates. They were both tickled.

DSC_0266   DSC_0270  

Kendall kept saying, “Oh goodness! Thank you!”

DSC_0276 DSC_0277

And this one is a pro at opening gift now. She should be well prepared for her birthday.


My model!


This one is too busy to smile for the camera!

We celebrated by going to Fazoli’s for dinner as a family. Another holiday in the books for our family of 4!


  1. It looks like you had a great day! Love the picture of you and your girls!