Sunday, March 8, 2015

A little of this and a little bit of that…


You might want to sit down for this.

I haven’t consumed a carbonated beverage since Feb. 1. Yep, this little coke lover, has avoided coke, pop, soft drinks, whatever the hell you call it for 36 days. Not like I’m counting or anything.

They said it would be easy. They said you wouldn’t miss them after a few days or weeks. WRONG. BIG FAT WRONG.

I think about Coca Cola constantly. How it would make my pizza taste better. How it would make a crappy day better. My body just wants it.

But… I haven’t given in, with the exception of a teeny tiny sip of my brother’s Big Red Slushie.

So, where do cokes and I stand? How have I been feeling?

Let’s start with the latter. I feel great. My clothes fit better. I’m not bloated. For those reasons alone, I may just give them up forever. I’d rather eat my calories anyway. I still drink tea and lemonade occasionally, but I’m also drinking a ton of water.

Will I really NEVER ever drink another beloved can of coke? Probably not. I’ve created this little contest in my head. If I can lose the last 5 pounds of baby weight, I get to celebrate with a coke. 5 more=another coke until I’m down to pre wedding weight from almost 7 years ago.

Isn’t it weird how I aspire to be that weight again? I think I want to be that weight because that’s the last time I remember not weighing myself. Just liking my size and not caring what the number said.

So, how’s that for motivation? And shorts. Most definitely, shorts!


I’ve started reading again. We’ve had several snow days in the last month which in turn I get to stay at home. I have been so lazy and it’s been great. I needed to be lazy. Teaching is rough. My class is rough. We are busy. We don’t spend much time at home during the week so its been nice to be forced to be home. Actually, it’s been wonderful!

I’ve updated the READ WITH ME tab with the books I have been reading! Enjoy!


  1. Holy smokes, no kidding about the craving it constantly thing! I didn't have any pop for 9 months and I thought about it every single day. Same as, how good it would taste w/ pizza, how I was having a bad day and that would make it all better, how I was just tired of bland water and wanted s/t yummy to drink. And then I gave in and started drinking it again. At first it was just once on the weekends. Then it was grabbing one at the grocery store. And then it was ever day again. So, learn from me - don't even have one to reward yourself!!! It's naughty naughty stuff! :) Oh, and WTG on being pop free for 36 days!

  2. I'm glad you're feeling better without it and getting a chance to read more! I only drink it about once a week. When I get a migraine, Mountain Dew paired with migraine meds is the only thing that works! But I do notice I feel sick if I drink it more!

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