Friday, May 1, 2015

Adley at 12/13 almost 14 months! :)

My dearest Adley Kate,

I cannot believe you are one year old! It seems like just yesterday we were bringing our blonde, blue eyed baby home from the hospital and now we are chasing you around the house. You have made our family so different in the most wonderful way. I never imagined I would have this second little person who could make my heart grow so big. You are your own personality and it has been a blast watching you grow (so fast!) each and every day!

Here’s what you’re up to these days!

At your 1 month appointment you were 22 pounds and almost 32 inches. You are right on track to be a super model, love! You are a healthy and happy baby, or should I say toddler!


You have been walking since around 10.5 months. And now you mostly run, climb, or jump. You love to carry around things that help you climb on furniture. You love to throw your body onto pillows or anything soft. You also like to lay on the floor on your belly to relax. Relaxing is few and far between because you are on a mission all day errrday. Ha! You are too busy to slow down!


You are so funny in public! I love this picture of you propping your feet up at Chic Fil A like it’s your living room or something. You are so kind to others and love telling people “Hi!” You are also going through a throwing phase. It’s a game to you, but it’s kind of embarrassing when you chuck a Sippy cup half way across a Cracker Barrel.


Three musketeers right here! You have the most fun hanging with the girls. You absolutely adore your sister! You have been calling her “Ka-Ka”. It’s so cute! You are mesmerized by her and love to play with her. I hope it never changes. I love seeing you two love each other!


Eating has been an adventure! You LOVE food. You like a variety of foods. You love cantloupe, watermelon, and bananas. You love green beans and chicken. Recently, we think you might be experiencing some type of intolerance to dairy milk so you have been testing out almond milk and you love that too! You don’t play around with food and prefer it on the go. Grandma has been working with you on using utensils and you’ve been doing great!


This is what I mean about the climbing. Haha


And this face. This attitude. The sheer willpower you have when you want something or when something is taken from you. I am in trouble when you’re a teenager! That is all!


You have been playing great independently at home. I love when you wake up in the morning or when we get home in the afternoons because you just walk around the house visiting all the rooms and checking things out. You love your house and you love playing with your toys and some of Kendall’s. You are very happy here!


One of my favorite things that you do is when you leave things in random places. Like when I find a bottle of lotion in the Sippy cup drawer or when you lift up the seat of your wagon and hide toys there. You are so inquisitive!


You LOVE playing on the couch. It scares me to death and I am right there, but you love running back and fourth on it for some reason!

This hair. I can’t even. Some days it looks really blonde and some days it looks strawberry blonde. It is really long on top and short on the back of your head. I can tell its growing but it make styling very interesting.


I was trying to get you to look at me and say cheese and you were not going to have it. This picture sums up how you act all day long. Going, going. Never stopping! Busy bee!

You also love to talk and sing. You say so many words now. Ma-ma, Da-da, Ga-ga, Ka-Ka, Deep, Go, Hi, Bye, Sit, Cheese, Uh-Oh, and so many more!

You love to sing Itsy Bitsy Spider, ABCs, Deep and Wide, This Little light, and Let it Go. You got a Let it Go signing birthday card and you wear that thing out!

You also LOVE to dance. You squat and shake your head. You even tap your toes. I love watching you twirl because you keep one hand still. So funny!


And then when you get sleepy you get a little sleepy drunk! You start laying around or falling over. That is one thing I can’t complain about! You are a great napper for me! You love sleeping in your bed and rarely ever don’t fall asleep. You take great naps on the weekends and started sleeping through the night around your first birthday. I will NEVER take sleep for granted. I never imagined you wouldn’t sleep through the night ALL YEAR! I think you enjoyed nursing at night and once that was gone you just decided you would sleep. Ha!


You’re a total mommy’s girl! I love when someone you aren’t familair with is around because you just grab my neck and turn into me. I love the snuggles. Even though you are busy, you love a good cuddle with mommy!

You also LOVE your daddy. You ask for him when he is gone and will go look for him in the office because that’s usually where he is now since he is taking classes online. You get so happy when he gets home at night!DSC_0777

You love to play and be tickled. I have a video of Kendall making you belly laugh and I watch it all the time! I can’t get enough of you, silly girl!


My sweet Adley Kate! This picture says it all. That grin and runny nose! Ha!


I love you so much and I am so proud to be your mommy! I love watching you grow and change every day and getting to know you more and more. I can’t imagine our family without you!

I love you so BIG!


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  1. She is so cute! Emily is also a climber and a thrower lol
    She's been hitting lately which isn't cool =( She does it when she's really mad. I guess it's better than biting everyone?