Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Glimpse of Summer…

Home today because there is an Election. And I would be the one who didn’t vote. Who am I? Sorry! Anyway, we have had the perfect day. We had a great, relaxed morning at home and then we did some shopping. I am really enjoying shopping these days. I have been food conscious for a while now, making sure I get 12k+ steps in each day, and I’m on week 5 of the C2K. Basically, what I am getting at, is I am starting to notice changes in my body and how my clothes are fitting. Shopping is fun again! Yay!

I have been reading like crazy. I have read several books in the past few weeks. I updated my Read With Me page if you’re interested in a good romance read!

All of this reading and time at home is making me really excited for summer. This will be my first summer on a teachers schedule and I’m so anxious to just be home with my family. We don’t have any big trips planned. We are going to Gatlinburg with my in-laws in July and we might try to do some fun things with the girls. It’s just neat knowing we will have the time if we decide to.

Come on summer! We’re ready!

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