Sunday, June 14, 2015

7 Years!

Today Chris and I have been married 7 years. It’s weird because one hand it’s gone by really quickly, and then on the other, I don’t remember ever not having Chris in my life. That’s a good thing, most days! Ha!

A few days ago we went on a spontaneous overnight date. Chris and I have gone out to eat alone without kids ONCE in 2015. Yes, people! 1 time this year. So we desperately needed 24 hours to just be a couple. n

We went to this little town about 2 hours away called Nashville, Indiana. It was a small cutesy, touristy town. Everything closed at 5 and opened at 10. We were a little bored that evening and next morning, but it was fun exploring somewhere new together and having some alone time. So we weren’t that bored… Winking smile

We stayed at a Bed and Breakfast called Artist Colony Inn. It was right in the middle of town and was clean and spacious.


Selfies before dinner!


Everything but 3 bar/restaurants in town closed at 5. Ha! It was a Thursday night but still, we thought we might have something to do. I don’t ever drink but I tried a strawberry beer and had a margarita because I was so bored. Ha! Chris always loves when I get a little tipsy too. I get really funny and laugh a lot. We walked to a convenience store after dinner so I could have an ice cream.


The next morning we got our free breakfast at our B&B and it was awesome. We then decided to walk around. Here is a better picture of our B&B from the street. We quickly realized a) nothing was open at 9 am and b) we were the youngest couple walking the streets. Ha!

So we made reservations to go ziplining at a nearby attraction and took a nap in our room before checking out.


I wasn’t nervous at all and I hate HEIGHTS! It was really fun! I honestly think I was just enjoying doing something fun with Chris that I didn’t care what it was! He might get me to jump out of a plane one day, who knows?



Afterwards, we found a cute sports themed restaurant for lunch and bought souvenirs for the girls. We thought about shopping some more, but we were kind of over the place!

We did stop for pedicures on the way home. This is our anniversary tradition to do together!

I really enjoyed time alone with Chris and would like to do an overnight date sooner than our next anniversary! Love ya babe!

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  1. That's great! And I think we've only had 1 'just us' date all year, too. Sad! :) Happy Anniversary!