Monday, June 29, 2015

Last Weekend Alone

I knew if we could make it through this weekend, Chris would be home before we know it on Wednesday.

Saturday we had a chill day at home. I read an entire book. Check out my READ WITH ME page if you’re interested in romance novels. Ha!


Let me just talk about little Adley real quick. Girlfriend is hilarious these days. This is her favorite place to observe the world. I put a stool there so she could look out the window.


She is very much into climbing anything and everything these days.


And she is LOVING baby dolls. She kept throwing her baby in the stroller and saying, “Ray Go” which I am translating as, “Ready to go?”


Later on, we went out with my dad and brother to Mark’s Feed Store. It’s a local bbq chain and it’s my favorite!!

They have this pig out front that every kid must sit on when they visit. Or at least mine think that!


Funny Story: Strangers always comment on how different my kids look. One blonde, one brunette and they look nothing alike but both somehow look like me. Anyway, typically, I overshare with said stranger somehow making it very clear that they know the girls share the same father. Why? I don’t know. I’m just like that. lol

Anyhow, our waiter commented how Kendall looks like her dad… aka my brother sitting next to her. I was like, “Well, he’s my brother!” Yuck!

Sunday all I could think about was a Pizza Hut cheese pizza. I used to never order plain cheese pizza! Have you tried their new crust flavors? YUM! I promise they aren’t paying me for this shout out. They should!


That afternoon we headed over to my parents to swim and my SAINT of a mother was all, “Here’s $20 in Kohl’s cash that expires today! We will watch the kids while you go shop and have some Shelli time!”

She didn’t have to tell me twice. Thanks, mom!


I will talk more about this in another post, but I’ve been working out and losing inches. And it was nice to try on things and actually like the way they fit. I’m loving these skinny jeans!


And I bought some new kicks! Aren’t they adorable?

Kendall begged to go home after I got back so she could play with her BFF Laiken. They catch lightening bugs every night and last night, decided to catch a frog. Ha! Sugar and spice…


I love my husband and cannot wait for him to be home, but I have really enjoyed this time at home. Ha! I haven’t had to cook big meals or wear makeup. Not that he requires either of those things, but it’s been nice to have some much needed chill time with my little ladies.

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  1. Cute shoes! And clothes! Glad you are feeling comfortable in your own skin and having fun shopping! And I'm so jealous of your free time! I'd love a few hours where I could wander Target alone and just look, ha! ;)