Thursday, June 18, 2015

Single Mom 101

Chris left on his annual 2 week Ecology Club trip on Tuesday.

Before he left we went out to dinner. We went to Texas Roadhouse. He wanted to eat something really good before he ate in the rainforest for two weeks. If you’d like to follow along… he is blogging at Bullitt East Bio Expeditions. It is really interesting, check it out!


I told him I didn’t have enough pictures of him with Adley and took this. He looks hot here! 2 weeks is so long! lol


It’s confusing for the girls. Adley has no concept of time but she loves her daddy. And I don’t Kendall realizes how long 2 weeks really is. Makes me sad! We miss daddy! We decided to wake both girls up at 4 am on Tuesday morning to take him to the airport and I am so glad we did. They were both happy and wide awake and got to see him off. On the way back home, we stopped and bought a dozen Krispy Kremes! Yummy! Came home and took a nap!


Just us girls! So far it’s been fun! Kendall starts really missing Chris at night. It breaks my heart! He is able to text some. Where they are this week has limitied wifi/cell signal. He is going to call later so my phone is glued to my side.

Our first day was pretty lazy. Kendall played with her neighbor friend and Adley napped a lot that day to catch up on missed sleep.


I heard a knock at the door and thought it was my dad and it was flowers! I was so tickled! They were from Chris! It made me cry!


Kendall started her new dance class Tuesday night and then we got our weekly Zaxby’s chicken and had dinner on the front porch.


My goal is to keep the next 2 weeks busy and fun so they go by fast and we will have him home!

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  1. We mark on a calendar when things will happen (like Chris getting home) then each night cross out the day we just finished so the can see how much longer it'll be. Really helped Bren at Kendall's age. Or make a paper chain (1 chain = 1 day) and each morning rip off another one. As it gets shorter they see the event is almost here. Bren loved this for Christmas this year.

    So nice and thoughtful of Chris to send the flowers!