Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Summer Reading for Kids

Kendall is very interested in reading.


Since I am her mom and an elementary school teacher, I am going to work with my girl on reading this summer! I just finished my first year teaching so this is a win win for me in tuning my skills and helping my daughter.

She enters Pre-K in the fall where she will not be expected to read. Nor will she be expected to read next year when she enters Kindergarten, however, I want her to have the best start possible.

I’m very exciting she has a learning heart. I wanted to share some activities I will be doing with her in case someone finds this blog and is looking to read with their child too, but doesn’t know what to do.


1. Phonics Dance Video

We use this program at school. I like the repetition and teaching of sounds. We might even make up our own dance moves to make it fun and memorable.

2. Read, Write, Build etc… Sight Word Activities like this one

These are great for little kids because they practice a word doing multiple activities. I like that this one has letters to cut out so she can manipulate them. I did something similar in my small reading groups where I laminated the sheets and used magnetic fridge letters. I might try that too.

4. READ!!!!!

My goal is for us to read 2 books a day. We have a good size book collection at home and we are also going to start going to the library once a week and do their summer reading program. I cannot stress how important it is to just read with your kids. I also bought some easy readers that have a lot of the sight words in them we are going to use. 

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  1. Have you heard of 'Bob' books?? I bought Bren 2 sets of those in preschool and he loved them! Super easy books and he still pulls them out for fun.