Monday, July 20, 2015

A Little Bit of Everything

Sister Moments:


School Planning:

The new school year is quickly approaching! It’s bittersweet! I am very sad about “working” in generally when I have thoroughly enjoyed summer with my girls. I will miss their sweet faces all day and miss our laid back schedule. However, I am excited about setting up my classroom (since I didn’t have one at the beginning of last year!) and seeing my kiddos (I’m looping) and teaching second grade!!!! My new team has already been planning together and I met with team leader to go over some things. I am very confident in this school year!

I’ve also been buying out the Dollar Tree and looking at fabrics for my hot pink/navy nautical theme! I will post pictures of my room once I am able to get in there and get it all put together!


Teaching Lessons:

Kendall saw this toy she LOVED. We took a picture (to remember it) and she kept looking at it and telling us how much she wanted it. I knew we would most likely go buy it for her birthday or Christmas this year. However, we decided we should let her “save” up for it! She did some chores for 4 or 5 days and earned $9. We footed the rest. Ha! $25 is a lot for a 4 year old and she is spoiled. Who am I kidding? When we got to the store it was actually marked down to $19! Holla! She was so proud! She tells everyone how she bought it herself!


Hallie’s 1st Birthday


I went out! I met up with my cousins Becca, Liz, and Tara for dinner and Magic Mike 2!!! The movie was so good. Very deep and inspirational. Ha! Such a great storyline… Winking smile 


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