Monday, July 20, 2015

Girls trip to Ann Arbor, MI

My mom and sister are living in Ann Arbor, MI at the moment. Not really living, they are just up there for several days while my sister undergoes some dermatology treatments at UM. Chris was working a baseball camp this week, so I decided to drive the girls up for a few nights and visit with them. It was a quick and fun trip. I’m probably a little crazy in the head for taking a road trip by myself with the girls!

We made a pit stop at IKEA on the way up!


We got there around 4/5 Tuesday evening and just hung out at the hotel. My sister and I checked out this awesome thrift store while my mom hung out with her granddaughters!


The next day, we did some shopping and then went swimming in the hotel pool.


I even utilized the hotel gym! Ha! I sent this to Chris!


The next morning we packed up and then went to this petting zoo at Domino Farms.


Then we made the 6 hour drive home! We stopped in Covington to have ice cream with my cousin Liz and then made our way home!


I did feel a little nuts driving home with both girls. It was hard to get them things and Adley was very fussy. But when they both nap in the car? Bliss!

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