Monday, July 20, 2015

Ryan Family Vacation Part 2–Gatlinburg, TN

Friday we were meeting up with Chris’s sister and her girlfriend around 3 so we planned to just take it easy until then. We had a nice, big breakfast and then headed back over the mountains to Tennessee.

We stopped at one of the lookout spots to take some pictures.


I did not want to wake Adley!


We went to this big Christmas store. I bought the girls and Wilson a personalized 2015 ornament for our tree this year. I love Christmas but I just can’t get in the spirit when it’s 95 degrees outside!


Then it was time to meet up with Christy and Ashley at our cabin. Here is a picture of the place from the parking area. I wish I had taken more pictures but I was so scared a bear was going to come out and eat me to walk around for more. The cabin had 4 floors. The main level with the bridge had a full kitchen and living room. Then there was a large master suite upstairs. Then below the main level were 2 lower levels. My calves are still hurting from all the steps! IMG_4381

We stayed on the second to bottom lower level. Our room was so spacious!


Each room had a full bathroom and the lowest level had a game room. I think I could’ve brought back some groceries and not left for 3 or 4 days!


That evening we went to some huge knife store. I guess that was payback from the guys for going to the Christmas store. I stayed in the car while the girls snoozed.


We had dinner at the Apple Barn. I’ve never had an apple fritter or apple butter in my life but now I’m a fan!

Back at the cabin that night…

Kendall slept on the loveseat and we pushed the pack and play up next to it so she wouldn’t fall out! I gave Kendall my phone to get her to go to sleep and she kept taking pictures of Adley! Ha!


While we were laying in bed, playing on our phones… Chris thought he saw a “cat”. Nope! It was a raccoon!IMG_4390IMG_4393

Saturday morning we played in the game room while we waited for everyone to get ready.


We headed to downtown Gatlinburg to walk around that day. We ended up eating at a seafood place for lunch.


Kendall told Chris she wanted to ride the skilift with him. I didn’t want to go. I went on it when I was pregnant with Kendall in 2010 HERE. Ha!


She LOVED it!

After we left the strip, we parted ways for a few hours. Our family just needed to chill and the rest of the group was going to do some more things. We ended up at Outback and then went back to the cabin and got in the hot tub!IMG_4416IMG_4418

The next morning we had to be out of the cabin fairly early. We took a bunch of pictures on the wrap around porch. We got a group shot but my MIL has it on her camera!



Adley was so clingy to me this trip! The next 2 photos say it all! It was exhausting! Ha!


Anyway, I’m putting Adley in her carseat and the rest of the group is walking across the bridge when someone yells, “Bear!”

Sure enough, a bear was on the lower level (the one we slept on!!!!) hanging out looking at us!


My genius sister in law went back in and opened the door a mere 15 feet from the wild black bear to get this picture!!!


I let Kendall see it for about 2 seconds and put her safely in the car! I’m in the picture above hiding behind Chris! Ha!

We took the scenic route out to explore a little nature and then we were on our way home! We stopped at my fave (Sonny’s again!) and made it home in record time!

This is how excited the girls were when I told them we were on Gene Snyder and about 30 minutes from home!


We had a wonderful trip and a great time making memories with family. I was really impressed with how the girls travelled and I’m excited to go on more adventures with them!

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