Monday, August 3, 2015

Weekend Rewind

I wish I could say we had an eventful weekend, but it was fairly low key. And it was great. Technically, this is our last summer weekend. The girls start daycare/pre-k on the 10th and Chris and I go back to school on the 10th. Both our districts start school on the 12th. When is Labor Day??

I’m home with the girls today (Chris has a PD) but I have to sit through 3 days of PD starting tomorrow. I’m trying to make today special by just enjoying being at home. I just ordered a pizza, Adley is napping, and Kendall’s bff neighbor is over playing with her in her room. We might go swimming this afternoon. Who knows? I’m going to talk to Chris about doing something fun with the girls on Friday. Maybe just go somewhere fun to eat or go do something to celebrate the end of summer!

Back to the weekend…

Friday was a chill day at home! We are working on some home projects so we’ve been hanging around the house. The girls and I did venture out to SAMs Club and Chic Fil A.

We took the girls to go visit Grandpa Bobby (C’s dad) and that was really special for everyone.

Saturday we went shoe shopping, out to eat, and to the grocery! I love running errands with the whole family!


We are going to be selling our house soon (more on that later) so I spent the rest of the day decluttering. I want our home to look as spacious as possible when we show it. Kendall thought it was hilarious that my closet was clean so we hung out in there and she loves trying on mommy’s dresses!


I found 8 paci’s behind Adley’s crib. My mom pointed out that I must not vacuum under there that much. Eeek!

Chris made us spaghetti for dinner and the blonde one licked her plate clean!


Sunday was more projects! This is what de-cluttering looks like. And Chris preparing our porches and patios to be sealed!


This one was a full on cuddly buddy this weekend! Adley is so cute at this age. I love how she just comes and sits next to me! I am going to miss these girls next week!


That was our weekend! Link up with Erin and the others for more weekend wrap up fun!


  1. Oh no!!! When you said the 10th I was thinking that was eon's away, but it isn't, it's next Monday!!! Boo hoo!!!! I'm so sad and going to miss you all over again!!!!

    Isn't it funny how we do all those little projects in prep for selling our houses? It looks better to sell than when we live in it! :) Best of luck on this process, hope it's quick and painless!

    thanks for the shout out!!

  2. I de-cluttered yesterday too and I am still not done, trying to prepare for Baby 3 and make room. But the purging feels so nice.

  3. Can we talk about how awesome your grass is and how green it is????? & I am on the 3 day cleanse and want spaghetti now.