Monday, September 14, 2015

Can I freeze time?

Our girls make us smile on a daily basis. I just don’t want to forget all the cute things they are doing at this age and the special moments. I take all these pictures and then forget the story behind them.

Adley is talking like crazy these days! When she sees a blanket she says, “cold” or “I cold” and wants it to be wrapped around her. She even brings her baby dolls over and says “baby cold”.


She also loves being naked! I can’t wait to add this picture to her graduation slideshow! Ha! When you’re trying to dress her, she runs away from you and slaps her naked belly. On this particular day she wanted her diaper off. I just had to get a plumber shot so I told her to walk to daddy so I could get a good view! Ha!

And that purse and phone! She loves them! She will put the phone to her ear and say “hello” and “bye-bye”. And then she puts the purse on her shoulder and says, “bye-bye!”


This face kills me! Kendall is my twin. She gets so annoyed with Adley some time. I hear ya girl! I had younger siblings too! She was mortified in Mark’s BBQ! Ha! She’s also really into selfies and wants to see them right after we take them. Can we say diva?



I just love these 2 girls! They make me smile! Smile

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