Monday, September 14, 2015

Why are you moving?

I was hesitant to share this because everything is kind of in limbo, but here I go! With pictures too! Chris and I have decided to buy my childhood home! My parents have held on to is an investment/rental for a few years and recently, it has been completely renovated!

If all goes smoothly, we will sell our house quickly and move into this like new house! I didn’t get an outside picture, but it’s a 1 level ranch with a full finished basement. 6 bedrooms (if you count the 3 basement bedrooms) and 3 full bathrooms! There are 2 dining areas and 1 large family room upstairs and 1 large family room downstairs. It is absolutely perfect for us. I just pray everything works out!

We snuck over there one night (it’s about 3 miles and 5 minutes from where I live now!) and took some pictures. It’s still mostly a work site so that’s why you see tools and things laying around!

This is the large living room when you first come in to the right of the foyer! Love these floors!


Master Bedroom


I love this tile in the guest/girls full bathroom!


Kendall has already claimed a room!


Laundry room and look at that pantry!


The basement is so open! It has a large tile area (we used to have a pool table here growing up) and a large carpet area! I’m thinking… home theater???


And I love the full bath downstairs. I have so many ideas for those shelves!


One of the bedrooms will be dedicated to toys and fun!


I will have a fireplace mantle to decorate!! Woohoo!


And my favorite part? This kitchen!


I can’t wait! Someone come buy my house!


  1. Awesome house! And the kitchen, jealous!!! :) Best of luck selling your house!!! Any offers or interest yet?

  2. Best of luck selling your home! It looks like a beautiful house and I'm sure you all will create many more wonderful memories there.