Thursday, December 31, 2015

Crazy November Part 1

There is so much to catch up on so I will do this in a series. We sold and purchased a home in November, moved, and a bunch of other stuff so here it goes...

Halloween 2015

We took the girls over to my grandparents to visit and trick or treat. We missed trick or treating in a neighbourhood but it was kind of nice to have a low key holiday. Plus the girls had been to several Halloween trunk or treats and they did not need any more candy. 

Remember this piece of furniture I attempted to strip and finish a few years ago? If not, go HERE. Well while packing up the garage I decided to take one more try at refinishing and used some chalk paint. More pics to come!

These are the bar stools in my new kitchen. Since we have access to the house before we move in I decided to complete a few projects over there one day. I really love the idea of making them cheetah print stools. Here was my inspiration board. 

And here is how they turned out!

I have an idea to add curtains to my new pantry. 

And they sell chalk paint at Walmart. I like the blue kind I purchased from Home Depot better for the dresser. 

But it didn't stop me from painting something. I still need to add another coat and wax this but I will get to it!

The girls shower curtain came in.

I have all the old shutters from the closets at my parents house. I'm thinking about trying this one day.

Last picture of my long hair before I cut it off. :(

The front of the new house. 

My hair all chopped off. 

The girls hanging out with our neighbour Laiken. We are going to miss her!

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