Thursday, December 31, 2015

Fun days and the Pumpkin Patch

In early October I had a few days off from work. One of those days the girls and I brought Chris lunch at school. The girls loved hanging out in Chris's classroom.

Passed out in the driveway on the way home!

That weekend Chris and I went on a date to a wedding of one of his old co-workers! This is when I had some weird eye thing going on. 

The girls hanging out at Grandma and Grandpa Ryan's!

My friend Molly's daughter turned 1!

I accompanied Kendall to the pumpkin patch on her second school field trip!

It was so much fun! Parents aren't allowed to ride the bus. I was car 20 in the line behind the bus, but made it to spot #5 by the time we got there. ha!

It's so funny seeing Kendall in her element. Kendall is very popular and all the girls wanted to sit by her. I kind of felt bad for some of them. I can't hover!

She finally took a picture with her mom!

K and her two best friends at school

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