Monday, December 28, 2015

Kendall is 5!

October 21, 2015...

Dear Kendall, 

Today YOU are FIVE! How is this possible? You grew up too fast! It has been a FAST and FUN five years. It has been my greatest adventure being your mommy!
You my dear are a gem! 
It was so exciting when you woke up on your birthday!

We decided together (who am I kiddin? You decided!) that you would wear your new shirt we bought for your birthday party to school. 

Little sis was happy too!

Of course I made you both take a picture on the porch!

5 and PROUD OF IT!

Golden had to accompany you to school on your birthday too. As did cookies for your entire class!

Later that day...

After school and work...
We could really celebrate!

Opening Presents is your thing!

A purple Ballerina Barbie! YES!

Grandma and Papaw brought gifts over too!

Singing Diva!

To the corn dog place we go! (Marks Feed Store!)

All smiles here!

Happy Birthday my LOVE!

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