Monday, December 28, 2015

Kendall's 5th Birthday Party!

In lieu of a home party this year, we sold out to Chuck E Cheese and it was the best party ever! Seriously, you just show up and pay. 

Our 5 year old birthday star!

With her cool horse cake!

And her little sis!

Adley hanging with the Montgomery kids!

Uncle David

Some of the girls

Some of the party crew

Grandma and Adley

Meeting the Mouse

Funny Story: Kendall was too afraid to go in the ticket blaster so I had to go in with her. I will have to post that video.

The big kids

My sweet girl

My brother, husband, and Mother in Law playing some mad skee ball

My mom always makes sure she gets pictures of me with my kids. It's not the best, but it's proof I was at the party!

Grandpa and Adley

There I am again haha

Something was funny on the way home!

Adley was passed out so this is our family picture we forgot to have taken at the party!

 New toy OVERLOAD! 


  1. We've done a couple of CEC birthday parties too in our day and I never regretted them... show up, have fun, and pay... easiest parties ever!! Hope she enjoyed it!

  2. I love that your mom makes sure to take pics w/ you in them - I always wonder if my kids will even know I was around since i'm always behind the camera. Andy tries to get some w/ me but not usually at their parties. :) And Adley - cute!!! Can't believe how big she's getting! Can you believe our littles are almost 2?? :(