Monday, December 28, 2015

Night Class, October Stuff, and a Play

I am taking a Literacy Class for my second Masters Degree on Thursday nights. It's called the JCPS Bellarmine Literacy Project. Basically, after this school year I will get 6 hours (FREE!!!) towards my second masters degree (or Rank 1 as we call it) which is pretty awesome! However, it means every Thursday night I am in class.

Chris and Adley texting me in class. 

So I text back!

Yeah, I'm pretty tired after teaching all day and then having to sit in a 3 hour class. 

My class won the best Door Decoration contest for drug free week!

Saturday we went to a graduation party for my cousin Becca's husband Chris. My grandma was cuddling up to their dog Lily!

And Adley and Hallie were playing in the basement!

Sisters are the best!

Kendall and I got to go see the play Jack Frost at Derby Dinner Playhouse with Tara and Caleb. We arrived earlier than they did so we took selfies in the car!

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  1. Oh Kendall, you're so darn cute (and pretty!)! Ugh, a 3 hour class??? Boo!