Monday, January 11, 2016

Christmas Break 2016 Part 1

Chris and I NEVER go on dates. It's always hard finding a sitter! We had to pay for childcare over break anyway, so we used some of those days to be a couple and go on dates!

We spent lots of times with our sweeties too!

Adley's 1st braid

She's going through a side pony phase!

Posin' like big sis!

Slumming with my man! On this day we ate at Waffle House, shopped at Bass Pro, and had lunch at TRH! Ha!

On my actual birthday (Dec. 22) Chris and I had dental cleanings scheduled. Haha We shopped a little and ate Chic Fil A for lunch (my choice) and picked the girls up early!

Later than night we went over to my parents for dinner!

On the 23rd I took Miss Adley to the dr. 

They tested her for the flu and strep. She had something viral and the pink eye. Ugh! But she's so adorable and happy, even when she's feeling icky!

On Christmas Eve we took the girls (and Chris) to get some hair trims!

Look at those beautuiful curls! I was so afraid if we trimmed her hair they would disappear!

Kendall requested an Elsa braid after her trim!

FYI it was like 60 degrees on Christmas Eve!

How cute is this!

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