Monday, January 11, 2016

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!

We had a low key Christmas Eve. We usually celebrate with my mom's family but since I am hosting that gathering this year, I opted to have it on the 26th (it was a Saturday).

We went over to my parents and ate some bbq! Who am I kidding? We invited ourselves over!

The girls played in their ball pit over there. 

Yes, my parents created a pool of balls for my children and it's been sitting in their living room for a few weeks for them to play when they are over. It's a hit for my brother too. 

Adley was hot. That's my dad hanging out in the pool.

Santa showed up!

Kendall immediately reorganized all her loot. Typical. 

Adley just kept oohing and ahhing! 

Sweet Sisters!

My parents came over for breakfast and to see the girls gifts. I think that might become a tradition too!

We hosted Chris's family for Christmas dinner. Here is proof he can clean. Ha!

I LOVE hosting family in our home! It was a perfect Christmas!

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