Saturday, January 2, 2016

Christmas Trees and Fall Festival

As soon as we moved in to this house I was ready to decorate for Christmas. I think it was because I didn't get to decorate for Fall because we were in the middle of selling/moving our other house. 

We purchased a purple tree for Kendall so both girls have a tree in their rooms now. 

We put our big tree up! This baby is on it's last leg. This was the tree we bought for our first Christmas in 2008. You can see where the prelit lights have gone out. Ha!

Chris takes students on a 2 week biology expedition every summer. This year will be his 3rd year. The group fund raises ALL year long. One of the big fundraisers they do is a fall festival. This year it was HUGE!

Look cute to go shop some craft booths!

My parents came too!

Group shot! 

Chris and I Sunday night! We watch this show called Quantico and we were having a date night. :)

One of my purchases from the craft fair. 

My mother in law bought me this while she was there for my birthday.
 It's my favorite sweatshirt to wear!!

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