Monday, January 18, 2016

January Happenings

I organized the pantry. Hands down, this is my favorite space in the house! I have never had a pantry before. It's the little things...

I'm obsessed with Egg White Delight sandwiches from McD's so I decided to recreate my own!

Now I just reheat in the morning!

First SNOW of the year! Too bad it wasn't enough for a snow day!

Adley was feeling icky Monday so my mom graciously kept both girlies!  

Kendall brought this home last week!

I started looking for pictures! This one cracks me up!

Aldey being a big girl with her sister and sitting at the counter!

Making hot chocolate on a COLD Saturday!

Kendall went to a birthday party yesterday for a classmate!

I jumped on the adult coloring book bandwagon! Ha!

Today is Day 1 of Kendall's special week. I am going to go have lunch with her and pick her up at school. Then, Chris and I are going to take her out for some special time with our oldest girl! (we are both off work because of MLK Jr Day!)

LOVE this! LOVE my big girl!

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