Monday, January 18, 2016

Miss Adley Kate

I haven't written an update on my little princess in forever and I don't want to forget this precious stage of her life. Adley is 22 months old. She will be 2 in two short months! My baby will be 2! 
Adley has such a vibrant personality and she is so, so, so very smart! Here is what she is up to these days!

- She loves to sing. We catch her singing various songs all the time. Jesus Loves Me, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Old McDonals, Let it Go, ABC's, and Jingle Bells are her top faves!
- She absolutely loves ROUTINE! She loves getting ready in the morning! She wants to be dressed, have her shoes on, teeth brushed, and hair done within the first few minutes of getting up. My girl loves to feel put together. 
- When she wakes up she calls for me from the baby gate at her door. She usually says, "Hey Momma" or "I poo poo" 
- She loves telling us she loves us! It sounds like, " I ove you Momma"! MELT MY HEART!
- She is so ready to be potty trained. Ha! She lets us know as soon as she goes to the bathroom and will even bring us a diaper. The only thing holding me back is her school situation. I need to talk to them about her!

- Adley loves to eat. She will always try new things. Her favorite foods are bananas, mandarin oranges, cereal, toast, blueberries, strawberries, corn, chicken, and of course, corn dogs!
- Adley is a snuggle bunny! She loves to snuggle and hold hands. She tells us to "Hold ME!" 
- Adley loves to play with Kendall. This girl idolizes her sister. She wants to do whatever Kendall does! They play very well together these days!

- Adley is great at following 2 or 3 step commands. I can tell her to go get something and put it in her room and she will do it. 
- She is communicating so much and her vocabulary is increasing every day. She repeats a lot of what we say back to her. Today on the way into school she asked me, "Are you happy?" So sweet! 
- She can say all of her friends and family names.
-She is a little annoyed by Wilson. It's kind of funny. She HATES when he jumps up on her bed. She will say, " NO WA WA!"
- Girlfriend still loves her shoes. She likes to switch shoes throughout the day. Her favorite might be her Elsa heels shown below. 

- She enjoys bath and bed time. She is by far the easiest child to put to bed. (Staying asleep all night is another story!) She likes the routine of taking a bath, changing into pjs, getting her hair combed, and teeth brushed. We then go say "night-night" to everyone and climb into bed. 
- She still loves her paci. I am trying to limit them to just bed time. However, they come out of the wood work apparently. My goal is to break the habit by her second birthday. Or not. Ha!
-The best sound ever is her sweet chuckle! She is so funny when she laughs!

I look at her face and cannot believe she is all mine. I am so lucky to have this second beautiful daughter. I can't remember life without her and love the world with her in it! I love you so much Adley Kate!
- Love Mommy


  1. Our second is immensely different! He'll potty on command (but I'm not ready to go down that road) and his vocab is impressive, he also idolizes his big brother! We're contemplating moving to a big bed but he doesn't always sleep through the night so I'm terrified he'll run everywhere. Adley is a doll!!
    Having two is awesome!

  2. Totally jealous that she's ready to potty train! And holy cow, she's your mini twin!!! Loved this post!