Saturday, January 2, 2016

More November and Ear Tubes (Again!)

My fall mantle has been taken over by the girls' school projects and I kind of love it!

The finished dresser! Finally! I kind of LOVE it!

I love catching these girls looking in the mirror. I need to watch how critical I am of myself so they don't pick up those habits!

This picture because I look skinny here. Ha!

This is what non-verbal communication can look like in a marriage. Hahaha 
Chris is trying to make a point here that our messy bathroom is because of all MY stuff because his side is spotless. Whatever, Chris!

Parking Lot selfies in the car!

Adley was home with grandma the day before her surgery. Poor thing was so miserable! ;)

We got up so early!

Playing in the waiting area with the interactive board. 


After she had a little drugs in her...

She was so irritable afterwards. I could not make her comfortable in recovery. Finally, we left and she calmed down. I think she just wanted out of there.

She wasn't too happy at home either. 

A nap helped perk her up!

And a few hours later she was good to go! Ear tubes what?

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