Saturday, January 2, 2016

November Part 3

Parent Preview Night at Dance

Closing on our NEW house!!!!! I promise he was more excited than this!

Toy Room is insane right now!

A cute idea I have for my laundry/utility room!

A cute idea I have for a potential headboard!

The girls and I at McDonald's one weekend morning while Chris was hunting!

Adley's 1st School Project

One of Chris's deer this season...

Little Miss Adley at the ENT... we had to schedule her SECOND ear tube surgery :-/
She had been acting different all weekend and not sleeping well through the night. Honestly, she slept with me all night and she NEVER does that. Then, Monday morning she woke up screaming her head off grabbing her ear. I was so scared. I have never seen her upset like that. I called into work and got us in to see her ENT. 

I started decorating my kitchen. It takes me a while to decorate. I have a certain style (vintage/shabby chic kind of mix) and I have to find the perfect pieces. I had purchased these mason jar measuring cups (the blue) and the cream jar is a cookie jar from Kirkland's!

More toy room madness. I keep telling myself at least all of these toys have a designated place to go!

So a little mom #fail story here...
Kendall's school had a Thanksgiving lunch and I had planned for my parents to go. Chris and I had already taken off for a field trip with her in the fall and we had both used sick and personal days for the girls and the houses, so I just figured my parents would go in our place.
Well... apparently, the Thanksgiving lunch is a big flippin' deal! 

Look at the place settings!

And then each class sang songs!

Then the kiddos ate lunch with their guests. Some kids had like 10-12 people there for them. I had no idea it was a full blown program. I would have reserved 20 spots and taken off work.

I cried at school that day when my friend Nikki texted me the picture of Kendall. It actually worked out for a good message for my students. At my school we had our Thanksgiving lunch and I had a ton of kids whose parents either did not RSVP or did and then didn't show. I told the kids that I had to miss Kendall's to be with them and teach them. I hope it made some of them feel better.

One of my night class night's so Chris took the girls out for spaghetti...

Here I am finishing that dresser again!

Because they are so cute!

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