Saturday, January 9, 2016

Red hair, Recital, and Santa

I went to a new hair place because my mom gave me a gift certificate for my birthday. Here I am the next morning sitll freaking out that my hair looked red. It wasn't supposed to be this color!

It didn't look that bad the next day in natural sunlight. I haven;t changed it. Now I have no clue where to go for my next appointment or what to have done. Ugh!

Kendall ready to go dance!

Before the show!

During her dance! My pics were awful. Sorry!

They did so good!

I was in tears watching her on stage. She genuinely enjoys dancing and is so good!

All the little girls in their pretty costumes wanted to climb the little wall outside the auditorium. Since I paid $55 for the costume she will never wear again, I let her! ;) You're only 5 once!

Naps for everyone after recital!

Funny store I must document: Kendall has this thing about cleaning out her toes. And Adley is going to grow up thinking its completely normal for your sister to clean the lint from between your toes. Bahahaha

Later that evening... Santa was making a visit to my grandparent's house because my Grandma had just gotten out of the hospital. 

Neither of my kids would pose with Santa, so David and I took a selfie with him. 

Santa with my grandparents!

Kendall finally took a picture with him if Uncle David would do it with her!

Adley looks demented! Ha!

I have to share this picture of Adley in Kendall's hairpiece from dance. Adley was mesmerized during the recital and wanted to watch the dance video over and over. She loves her big sister and everything she does. It won't be long until Adley is taking dance classes too!

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  1. ha ha, Tate likes pulling his toes apart to pick out lint and now he's started doing it to me! :)