Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Week Before Christmas Break!!!

Christmas Break could not have gotten here any quicker! One of my coworkers said that baby Jesus was born at the perfect time of the year because we are sick of these students and the students are sick of us! We all need the break!

Unfortunately, the week before break started out kind of somber for our family. Chris's grandfather passed away. It's always sad to lose a love one but it is tough when it's around this time of year.

Kendal, Adley, and Cody at the funeral home visitation

I was so proud of them this day. I had planned to only stay with the girls a few hours, but we ended up staying most of the day. They were so well behaved. 

Chris decorated our house for Christmas and we were so excited!

The front of our home

The girls in matching Elsa pjs!

I met Chris and the girls after school one night that week for dinner. My favorite!

Milkshakes for all!

Our sweet neighbors gave the girls a gift! They gave them this gingerbread person kit! They had so much fun. I love our neighbors!

It's coming along...

Chris decided to build a bar and it is awesome!! The tv looks small in this picture but I swear this was our best idea ever! We drank wine and watched NEtflix every night during Christmas break! AWESOME!

Ugly Christmas sweater day at school!

And the best day, the last day! It was pj day too!

The 2nd Grade team!!!

My parents gifted us a popcorn machine for Christmas for our theater basement. It's amazing!!

Here it is with the bar. Lacking 1 movie poster in this picture!

Adley's teacher sent me these pictures of Adley at her school Christmas party. It's so funny to me because 1) she's adorable and 2) she definitely brought home a different gift other than the one she is opening in this picture. Haha

They had PJ day too!

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