Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Derby Museum, Paint Night, T-Ball, and St. Patty's Day

Mornings with my girls are my FAVORITE!

Today, myself and my 4 teammates took around 140 kids to the Kentucky Derby Museum! 
Some of my class.

Later that night, we celebrated with wine and a paint night!

My team keeps me in stitches! Love them!

Finished product hanging in the hall

The girls having a sleepover! Yes, Adley's bed is sitting on the floor. It's so much easier. Her bed is in a box downstairs, we are just waiting for her to be a little less clumsy!

Kendall started T-ball practice! Wearing her daddy's team hat lol

Best Friends Reunited! 

Love comparing them in clothes! This was a week or two before I had Adley on the left. Crazy!

What They Wore 
I make them take these pics before we leave for school!

And practice again..

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