Sunday, March 13, 2016

Month of Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day is my third favorite holiday. (Christmas - 1st, July 4th - 2nd) So we play it up BIG!
Kendall had to make a Valentine box, so Adley made one too!

At our school, the office posts everyone's' picture and we all write notes to one another. it's the staff love wall! Here was my selfie! I'm in my classroom here!

My sweeties in the morning! The mornings are so short and sweet, but I love this time with my girls! They are always so happy! Adley looks almost as big as Kendall here!

Picture from my parents! They were watching the girls!

Our bed seems to be a popular hangout...

My little diva with her sleep mask and pandora playing!

Daddy Dance night! I can't get over the fact that Kendall looks like a teenager here!

Kendall and her bestie, Alivia! I sent this pic to Alivia's mom and said the girls were probably gossiping like we do! Ha!


Shelli's got a gun! 

CHEESE! This is their 2nd FAVE spot in the house! They eat and watch YouTube here while I'm in the kitchen.

Chris and the girls text me pics while I'm in my Thursday night class!

Friday evening after the girls' school Valentine's parties! They were wired!

Running around the house crazy!

My dad watched the girls for a few hours while Chris and I had a Vday date! He took them to visit my Grandma Tootie!

Working on her handwriting!

Valentine Morning

We went to church. My brother held Adley during the sermon and she fell asleep!

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