Sunday, March 13, 2016

Picture Day, New Hobby, and Sick Ears

Having little girls means I get to do things like play Barbies and it be totally normal. We have lots of fun! #manbun

Kendall is awesome and folding towels these days! Best part of kids growing up! Haha

The girls were all dressed up for spring pictures. Also, see my Valentine's Day mantle.

One child will turn her head when I pull up the camera.

I'm taking a conceal carry class in a few weeks, so I had to purchase some protection. Of course, it's pink!

Adley woke up feeling bad! You can't tell it here because she was so happy to be eating Chic Fil A with mommy for breakfast before our appointment. 


Her new thing. Removing all socks and shoes in the car. 

Playground selfie! This is the reason I rarely blog. My job drains me!

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  1. Ugh, Tate takes his shoes and socks off too, has for quite some time, but now he likes to throw his socks in the seat behind him which means he goes w/o socks in his shoes sometimes. :)