Saturday, March 26, 2016

The 2016 Easter Stomach Bug Part 1

On the Wednesday before Easter I get the dreaded call from daycare. They tell me that Adley has been throwing up. I have like an hour left of school so I call my mom and she picked her up. (My mom is such a trooper, but she pays for this later! Sorry Mom!) Adley couldn't keep anything down. 

The next day (Thursday), Chris stays home with Adley and she seems to be on the mend. Great, it must've been a 24 hour bug. Her daycare is closed on Good Friday so my parents agree to watch her since we both had school. Mistake #2. Sorry mom and dad!

Adley got sick a few more times that day and slept a lot that evening. 

Fast forward to Saturday morning and I just feel off. When I start to feel uneasy, my first reaction is to not eat. Let's not feed the virus. So I popped a Zofran and took the girls to our neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt. 

Can I get REAL for a minute? I thought I was going to S**T my pants at the Easter Egg Hunt. I don't know what I was thinking or how I would've hid it had it happened, but seriously my stomach was like a tornado. Victim #2

I wanted this to be a memorable Easter though. So I moved the laundry pile out of the way so we could dye eggs. Please notice the foldable table and chairs still up from Adley's 2nd birthday party that is still set up in my house. #hotmessmom4life

Adley and Kendall had zero appetite too. Adley seemed to be feeling better.

I'm feeling super bad at the point. 

Soon after this memory (lol) I gave them both IPADs and laid in bed. That's all I had energy for at this point. 

Later, I was still determined we would be attending our family's Easter celebration after church on Sunday. So I baked a cake.  

And put curlers in Kendall's hair...

Stay tuned for Part 2!

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