Sunday, August 7, 2016

Baseball Banquet and Youth Camp

Chris organized a baseball banquet for his players. It's his first year at this school and he inherited a program with few players and hardly any parent support. They won 2 games (first time winning at all in 2 years) and he had a good turnout at the banquet.

A few of the families did all of the decorations. They were so sweet. It's amazing how the right leadership can bring out parent support. 

I loved this centrepiece idea. 

Chris's baseball team was hosting a 3 day youth baseball camp. Kendall was old enough to attend.
Adley and I helped with registrations the first day.

Kendall working on her skills!

The next few days Adley and I did other things during the camp. Like visit Lowes...

Decorate the playroom...

The 2 girls at baseball camp!

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