Sunday, August 7, 2016

New JOB!!! and more swim class

My girls before school

I put in for a transfer within my school district to go to another school. I had a variety of reasons for wanting to leave where I was teaching, but my main reason was distance. My 30 minute commute is a normal commute for most people. However, I pass several schools on my commute. I applied to 5 schools within 5 miles of my home. I interviewed at 2 and accepted a job at one I am very excited about. They called me the next day after my interview and offered me the job. My sweet husband brought home flowers for me. He is a keeper. 

I'm so excited because now my commute will be 5-10 minutes and that means I will be able to get Kendall on/off the bus and have more time with my family. Plus, I will be a few miles from Adley's daycare. Also, Chris accepted a job at a school 2 miles from our house. Lots of exciting things happening for our family. We are so thankful. 

Swim Class Selfies
I am absolutely loving this alone time with Adley and I know she is too!

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