Sunday, August 7, 2016

T Ball and Last Day of School

It's so hot at the t-ball field so we usually sit in the grass in the shade while Kendall plays and daddy coaches her team!

She is the cutest!

That pose though!

She always snacks in between being on the field. haha

This is how Kendall feels about school being over for the summer. Me too, girl!

I thought this was a fabulous picture of Wilson!

First and Last Day comparison
It's crazy how we started the year in one house and ended the year in another!

So excited for this year to be over. I looped with my students and while there were many great aspects of that scenario, my troublesome students broke me down this year. I have been stressed emotionally and physically and I am so ready for summer and a new start. I will cherish the memories and students who I have loved teaching every single day at this school.

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